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Trisha Zook

Your Independent Consultant

After stumbling across a Thrive Life booth at a shopping event, I was immediately hooked and I knew I’d be a lifelong customer. Everything about Thrive Life just made sense! I started spreading the word to everyone I knew and soon realized I could actually get paid to talk about it! I’m not a chef. I’m not a health nut. I’m not a salesperson (and didn’t think I’d ever be involved in direct sales). Yet, here I am proudly representing a revolutionary health food line that enhances the cooking experience! The perfect way to try Thrive is by letting me throw you a tasting! Contact me enjoy a hands-on cooking experience, sample delicious snacks, and earn free food!


Trisha Zook

Thrive Life Consultant

*2015-2018 Business Advisory Board Member
*2014-2018 Corporate Events Presenter
*2015 Caribbean Fantasy Getaway Earner
*2015-2018 Convention Speaker/Trainer
*2016 Los Cabos Fantasy Getaway Earner
*2016 Thrive Games Gold Medal Earner
*2017 Aruba Fantasy Getaway Earner
*2018 Leadership Academy Trainer
*2018 "People's Choice" Best Leader award recipient